ACT Residual Exam (UE Campus-Based)

What is the ACT Residual Exam?

The ACT Residual is available to seniors who have submitted an application to UE and is just like the national ACT test with the following exceptions:

  • Campus-Based – the ACT Residual scores are only good at UE and cannot be transferred.
  • Small Test Groups – no large cafeterias or gymnasiums with hundreds of test takers.
  • Quicker Scoring – UE will score your test within 10 business days.
  • Costs – the ACT Residual costs $55 and must be paid online when registering.

Interested in Taking the Exam

  • You must register online prior to the test. (Check back soon for online registration.)
  • Pay the $55 fee when registering.
  • Complete the COVID-19 Pre-Screening Form prior to arriving to campus and have a temperature check done upon arrival.
  • Follow all UE COVID-19 precautions.

What to bring to campus if taking the exam:

  • Photo identification (driver’s license or school ID)
  • #2 pencils
  • Calculator

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