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In recent years, 98 percent of Schroeder School of Business graduates have been employed within six months of graduation.

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The Marketing Major


By offering a better understanding of buyer and seller behaviors within the global marketplace, UE's Marketing program graduates students with a strong capacity for planning and executing the concepts needed to succeed in the workplace.


The marketing major in the Schroeder School of Business offers students a thorough understanding of the demographic, social, economic, technological, environmental, and cultural factors influencing the demands for consumer and industrial goods and services.

Through a better understanding of the buyer and seller behaviors within the context of the overall market environment, graduates of the UE marketing major have a strong capacity for planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services. With these skills, our alumni find rewarding careers in the areas of:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Public Relations, and
  • Sales

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing Major

This degree requires completion of 124 semester hours, allocated as follows:

General Education – 41 hours: including Quantitative Methods 227; Management 497

Common Core – 45 hours: The purpose of the common core is to provide students with careful preparation in the fundamental tools of decision making and leadership. All marketing majors complete the following courses: Accounting 210, 211; Business 398, 400; Economics 101, 102; Experiential Education 90; Finance 361; Interdisciplinary 150; Law 201; Management 310, 311, 331, 377; Marketing 325; Mathematics 134 or higher; Software Application 110.

Marketing Major – 18 hours: Marketing 330, 492; four or more courses selected from Marketing 300, 373, 374, 380*, 385, 395*, 473, 477, 490. (*Only one independent study or special topics course will be counted in the major.)

Electives – 20 hours