B.S. Senior High/Junior High/Middle School

Students wishing to teach grades 5-12 are, first and foremost, specialists in their respective disciplines; a future Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, or Mathematics teacher graduates with a degree in his or her respective content area, along with rigorous and stimulating Education courses and school experiences. Secondary students are majors in their respective fields, and equally important are the set of courses and requirements in teacher preparation. In essence, students are completing a dual major. Graduates not only find employment quickly, many go on to graduate schools in a variety of fields of study, further enhancing their knowledge and expertise in their chosen teaching fields.

Note: To ensure consistency with Indiana teacher licensure regulations, some of the following license areas, curricula, and courses may be revised or reorganized prior to the beginning of each academic year. Students will be assisted by faculty advisors to blend current and new requirements to obtain teacher licensure. The SH/JH/MS education program leads to an Indiana standard license to teach in the subject areas completed. Most subject area licenses are for grades 5-12 and require students to complete at least a content teaching major. Students are also encouraged to complete one or more supplemental or minor licensure programs. This program provides students early and continuous laboratory experiences in local school system classrooms. Education courses with practicum components include opportunities for classroom observation and apprentice teaching. During the senior year a student teaching placement with a master teacher is the final laboratory experience. The curriculum of the SH/JH/MS education program requires the completion of at least 124 semester hours, including course work in general education, professional education, teaching majors, teaching minors, and electives.

Requirements (124 hours)

General education – 41 hours, including Education 490 unless otherwise specified in the major teaching area requirements

Additional General Requirements – 3 hours
Psychology 226

Professional Education Requirements – 36-37 hours
Education 100, 200, 320, 322, 363, 385, 435, 436, 443; select one from Art 497 or Education 451, 453, 454, 456, 457, 459, 460, 461

Electives – hours depend on major teaching area
Students should consult with their academic advisors to select elective courses that expand general education content and skills or that add a teaching minor for an additional licensure area