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Nicholas Takebayashi

Hear senior Nicholas Takebayashi talk about the research opportunities he has had during his time at UE.

Undergraduate Research

All students also have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research projects through the University's UExplore Undergraduate Research Program. Through UExplore, students can receive up to $1,000 for research supplies during fall and spring semesters; or up to $2,000 in research funds, a stipend of $3,500, and free housing for 10 weeks for summer research.

A few examples of ongoing faculty research projects include:

  • Analytical or Environmental Chemistry - the development of multi-antibody immunoaffinity separation platforms and heavy metal determination in the local environment
  • Biochemistry - the study of an enzyme that may play a role in insulin resistance and diabetes
  • Inorganic Chemistry - the synthesis of catalysts for the production of hydrogen fuel
  • Organic Chemistry - the development of new methods for solid-phase synthesis of organic molecules
  • Physical Chemistry - the development of multiple laser techniques for the study of highly excited electronic states of molecules