University of Evansville

Cognitive Science

Students in the classical studies program at UE find their experience enhanced by studying abroad in many locations including Harlaxton College, UE's own British Campus.

Course Offerings

COGS–100 Proseminar in Cognitive Science
COGS–111 Introduction to Cognitive Science (3 credits)
Introduces basic concepts, issues, and methodologies associated with the study of human cognition. Insights appropriately drawn from several fields including biology, computer science, philosophy, and psychology. Fall, spring.
COGS–200 Proseminar in Cognitive Science
COGS–300 Proseminar in Cognitive Science
COGS–400 Proseminar in Cognitive Science
COGS–492 Internship in Cognitive Sci (1-3 credits)
Offers students the opportunity for supervised field experience in teaching or research either on campus or at some other facility appropriate to the student?s field of study. Prerequisite: At least two courses in cognitive science, philosophy, psychology or computer science.
COGS–498 Seminar in Cognitive Science Psychology (3 credits)
Explores a specific interdisciplinary topic that is pertinent to the contemporary study of cognition and behavior. (Course may be repeated for credit as topic changes; however, it may be counted only once as a requirement toward the cognitive science major.) Prerequisite: Four other courses in cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, or neuroscience.
COGS–499 Independent Study in Cognition and Behavior (1-3 credits)
Offers research on special problems or persons under the direction of an individual faculty member. Prerequisite: Permission of the director of the cognitive science program.