Ethics Minor

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The Ethics Program

The Ethics Program

With 18 hours of required coursework, the Ethics minor at UE allows students a variety of options to study core human questions and dilemmas, culminating in a senior project that prepares students to be strong, critical thinkers about questions of ethics.

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The University of Evansville ethics minor provides opportunities for disciplined engagement with core human questions and dilemmas and allows you to examine the ethical dimensions of who we are and how we ought to live as citizens of the world.

Here are two great reasons to minor in ethics at the University of Evansville:

  • Enhance your program of study — an ethics minor complements any major — either in the liberal arts or a professional program.
  • Explore questions of value, justice, responsibility, meaning and the moral life in classes from various disciplines — including courses such as environmental ethics; bioethics; social and political philosophy; science, technology and society; bible and justice; religion, peace and justice; and media law and ethics.