Legal Studies

Program Director

Deborah Howard, JD

As the University of Evansville's pre-law advisor, Deborah Howard hopes her students "develop a love of learning and become lifelong learners — in the sense that law is ever-changing and they must keep their knowledge current."

Prior to coming to UE, Professor Howard practiced Title VII employment discrimination law and practiced poverty law with Legal Services Organization of Indiana. She has written several articles and made many presentations on discrimination issues and on other issues concerning women. She has presented papers in Lodz, Poland, at the Oxford Roundtable in Oxford, England, and most recently in Lima, Peru, at the Conference for Third World Studies.

"Students at UE," according to Howard, "have the unique opportunity to interact with their professors both in and out of the classroom. UE professors travel with students to Harlaxton College, Argentina, Japan, and China. We get to know our students and they get to know us. I especially enjoy hearing from my students five, ten, or more years after graduation saying how important my classes were to them."