UE History

A Mission of Learning

The University was founded in 1854 as Moores Hill Male and Female Collegiate Institute in the little town of Moores Hill in Dearborn County in southeastern Indiana. The first college building at Moores Hill was completed on December 1, 1856, although the opening day of classes for the new college was held in the building on September 9 of that year.

A cornerstone was laid for a second building over 50 years later on June 12, 1907. The new building was dedicated on June 18, 1908, and named "Carnegie Hall" after the chief donor, Andrew Carnegie.

Moores Hill College Library

On March 21, 1917, George S. Clifford made a presentation at a special session of the Indiana Conference of the Methodist Church proposing to move the college to Evansville, Indiana. Clifford had prepared a map showing that if a circle with a 50-mile radius was drawn around each of the colleges within the state, none touched Evansville. After deliberation, the school was relocated to Evansville in 1919 and renamed Evansville College. In 1967, after continued growth and organizational changes, the name was changed to the University of Evansville with the approval of the Indiana State Legislature.

Today, the University joins the ranks of Universities celebrating a history of 150 years. Drawing from experience, the sesquicentennial reminds us of our heritage while we establish our priorities for the future.

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