Mission Statements

A Mission of Learning

The University of Evansville is dedicated to active learning and scholarship. We are committed to the liberal arts and sciences as a basis for intellectual and personal growth. The University endeavors to prepare women and men for lives of personal and professional service and leadership. The University is aware of the challenges of living in an international community and therefore adopts a global view in its programs and its vision.

The University of Evansville preserves its independent nature and values its ties to the United Methodist Church. It emphasizes undergraduate education and supports an array of liberal arts and sciences and professional programs. The University selects talented and motivated students and faculty. The student-faculty ratio promotes individual attention and optimal learning. The University values learning as a means of attaining freedom from ignorance and prejudice. Because education is a lifelong process of critical inquiry, the University commits resources to continuing education programs in the greater community.

Educational Objectives

The following educational objectives reflect the mission and character of the University of Evansville as well as nationally-recognized best practices for a liberal education that equips students to compete and thrive in an increasingly complex global society. Recognizing that a well-rounded education has important curricular and co-curricular components, the university envisions integrative learning that emphasizes connections within and between general education and the major course of study and that brings together diverse experiences from campus, community, and the larger world.

Graduates of the University of Evansville will:

  • Acquire broad foundational knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences through the general education program, including:

    • Appreciation for creativity and artistic expression
    • Knowledge of historical and cultural developments
    • Insight into human behavior and social relations
    • Understanding of the physical and natural world
    • Cultivation of an international perspective
  • Develop and improve intellectual and practical skills, including:

    • Written and oral communication
    • Critical and creative thinking
    • Quantitative literacy
    • Problem-solving and research
    • Collaboration and leadership
  • Understand, develop and demonstrate personal and social responsibility, including:

    • International citizenship
    • Intercultural competence and appreciation of diversity
    • Ethical reasoning and behavior
    • Civic engagement, local and global
    • Commitment to mental, physical and spiritual well-being
    • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Gain a depth of knowledge and competency in one or more disciplines of their choice

A University of Evansville education goes well beyond these objectives, which are intended merely to establish the common core of knowledge and skills upon which our students will build as they address contemporary and enduring questions, pursue personal growth, and prepare to engage the world as informed, ethical and productive citizens.

Additionally, the University adheres to the identity, vision, and core purpose to build a solid foundation for today's leaders, and direction towards a strong future-

  • Identity: The University of Evansville is an independent, academically selective, internationally committed University affiliated with the United Methodist Church that integrates distinctive liberal arts education and dynamic professional programs.

    Vision: To be an innovative institution of global reach and reputation whose students develop the knowledge and skills, vision and wisdom to lead and to serve.

    Core Purpose: To provide students with life transforming educational experiences that prepare them to engage the world as informed, ethical, and productive citizens.

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