UE's High School Changemaker Challenge

North High School winners of the 2018 Changemaker Challenges group photo

The University of Evansville's High School Changemaker Challenge is designed to motivate young people to take a leading role in identifying and solving challenges in the world around them through innovation and creativity. High school students are invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of community leaders and compete for scholarships to UE where they can come to get the support needed to make their ideas become a reality. Watch an interview with Associate Director Erin Lewis and former champion Hannah Jaramillo as they discuss the challenge.

We are pleased to announce the results of the 4th Annual Changemaker Challenge which took place on the campus of the University of Evansville on Wednesday, October 24. Eighteen teams from regional high schools participated. We congratulate all eighteen teams and encourage them to continue their efforts and bring their projects to fruition.

2018-19 Winners

  • 1st Place – Evansville North, Team 1 (four-year, full-tuition scholarships to each team member*)

    Team has plans for an up-to-date and more innovative take on the classic swing set. Team members are: Ashlyn Thompson, Jalyn Davis, and Jamie Born. Their coach is Amanda Rexing.

  • 2nd Place – Bosse Bulldogs, ($5,000 UE scholarship to each team member**)

    Team has developed a plan for the creation of a wetland park in Evansville that collects rainwater and naturally cleans it through the plant life. Team members are: Caroline Hayne and Robert Lopez. Their coach is Amy Hood.

  • 3rd Place – Castle, Hope Park, ($2,500 UE scholarship to each team member**)

    Team is developing plans for an inclusive park including activities and opportunities for people with disabilities. Team members are Megan Laune, Hope Burkins, and Molly Eissler. Their coaches are Emily Garret and Jenna Bunner.

  • 4th Place – Castle, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, ($1,000 UE scholarship to each team member**)

    Team is working to help students develop coping skills and appropriate responses to issues they are facing. Team members are Paige Thomas, Emma Fergus, and Jackson Cieslack. Their coaches are Emily Garret and Jenna Bunner.

*Students must fulfill UE’s two-year residency requirement in on-campus housing. (Note: if students choose to live at home with family, then their scholarship will be reduced to the awarded academic scholarship)

**Please note that the scholarship awards are in addition to any other scholarship or discounts for which the students may qualify.

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Thank you to the Rotary Club of Evansville whose generous gift made this program possible.

For additional questions, view the FAQs or contact Erin Lewis at EL131@evansville.edu.

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