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Spring 2024 Courses

CHNG-300-03 Data Analysis in the Real WorldStudents will complete real-world projects for start-ups or organizations (business, not-for-profit, civic, or educational). Projects have a social responsibility focus. All teams are guided by a coach. Competencies are developed in project management, teamwork, and more.

CHNG 300-01, D01 Embrace Marketing and CommunicationsThis ChangeLab is a student-run marketing and communications agency. Students work with real world clients to provide marketing services to their businesses. Students also receive professional mentoring from an experienced coach.

CHNG-310-01 Evansville NewsLabAs local news coverage continues to shrink, there is a critical need to develop a viable and sustainable model for local news- especially in the Midwest and in cities the size of Evansville. This ChangeLab will first research the current level of coverage from the various local outlets and then develop strategies to address weaknesses in the local news ecosystem.

CHNG-310-02 People for Pollinators IIThis ChangeLab will be a closed course for majors working to educate and enhance native systems in and around the University of Evansville. Pre-Requisites BIOL118 & BIOL320. Faculty approval required.

CHNG-310-03 Diversity and Inclusion TrainingStudents will develop and learn to lead DEI training. The goal is to build a program in which students provides DEI training in a professional capacity to local organizations. Students will be led by coaches to develop and lead diversity and inclusion training. Students who successfully complete one semester may be eligible to provide diversity and inclusion training in a professional capacity for outside organizations under the leadership of the Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CHNG-310-04 Ethics and Social Change Action ProjectStudents will develop an action project to effect positive change on campus or in the community.

CHNG-310-06 United SoundUnited Sound is a mentorship program for students with special needs. UE students will either teach their student how to play the instrument they play or be paired with someone who plays a similar instrument.

CHNG-310-07 (Honors section available) Equitable & Nourishing Food SystemsStudents will collaborate with Urban Seeds and other local food justice organizations and entrepreneurs that advocate for an equitable, and robust food system, increasing access to healthy, nourishing food for all.

CHNG-310-08 Public Art: MuralsThis ChangeLab will explore the processes involved in creating public art, focusing on murals, with the final project being an art installation.

CHNG-310-09 Joshua Academy Music InstructorsThis is an experiential, real-world learning opportunity in which selected students will serve as the instructors of the Joshua Academy Band. The selected instructors will be guided by a coach provided by the University of Evansville.

CHNG-310-10 (Honors Section Available) Race and Responsibility in EvansvilleIn this course, students will learn how to use the permanent collections at the Evansville African American Museum and Adath B'Nai Israel Temple to examine antiracism, the importance of making unbiased choices, and allyship by cultivating an exhibition about Same and Bettye Kessler, owners of Canal Street Department store in Baptisttown, the heart of Evansville's Black community. The Indiana Humanities Action Grant generously funds this exhibition, and the students' exhibition will be displayed at both institutions.

CHNG-310-11 Creative Tech: Intellectual PropertyThis ChangeLab will focus on providing a reliable source of information related to intellectual property in creative technology by establishing and coordinating a public lecture series. Students will have responsibilities for all aspects of event administration.

CHNG-310-DH1 Transformative ActionStudents deeply explore their own personal passions, family history and interests, study changemakers around the world, and then apply that knowledge and inspiration to a project of their choosing, gaining project management and real world impact experiences.

CHNG-310-H08 Reimagining HonorsReimagine what the Honors Program looks like for a modern generation. Activities, projects, housing, etc., all ideas will be on the table. In this ChangeLab, you will have an opportunity to have a voice in what this distinctive program looks like.

CHNG-310-H12 Books for Brighter FuturesThis ChangeLab will explore the developmental benefits of early childhood reading and spread this information to new and incoming parents for their knowledge and benefit. Students will research these pieces of information, create a rating system/criteria system for childhood books based on their benefits, and work with the EVPL (and potentially other companies) in order to create a new reading program and/or expand on an existing program.

CHNG-310-S02 Latino Community OutreachStudents will explore ideas and work collaboratively with different organizations to meet the needs of the local Latino community. Examples of outreach include working with providers to meet the healthcare needs of Latinos, tutoring English language learners, promoting Latino culture and Spanish language in after-school programs.

CHNG-310-Y02 (Honors Section Available) The Future of UE's ArchivesHelp create plans for Archives and Special Collections at the UE Library! Students will conduct research, dig into the archives, talk to UE community members about their needs, and consider the ideal space for our unique collections. Some students will also design renderings of potential spaces and design a pitch for fundraising.

CHNG-310-Y03 Addressing Housing InsecurityCreate an innovative solution for reaching functional zero of homelessness through affordable housing.

CHNG-310-Y05 UE Theatre's Rogue & Peasant AcesUE Theatre's Rogue & Peasant Aces’ initiative is to creating greater access to Shakespeare in the tristate area. Our students would rehearse a piece of Shakespeare that fits into school curriculums and handle the outreach needed to bring the work into the community.

CHNG 310-13 Reproductive Rights and Student OrganizationsThis ChangeLab will seek to connect with national organizations and/or build support across universities for student organizations that support reproductive freedom.

CHNG 310-S03 User Experience for EvansvilleThis ChangeLab will allow students to provide low-cost UX web consulting for a local business. Students will identify a local client, conduct usability testing and user research on their website, and design a clickable prototype of an improved website to be shared with the client. No coding knowledge required. All tools and techniques will be taught as part of the course. Instructor approval required.

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