Alexandre Nassif

Civil Engineering

Class Year: 2021

Alexandre Nassif graduated in 2021 with a Civil Engineering degree. Today, he is a civil engineer for Morley Corp, which offers engineering, land surveying, and architecture services.

Before arriving at UE, Alexandre began his undergraduate studies in Lebanon. Despite moving to the United States and joining as a transfer student, he instantly felt welcomed, and the faculty felt like his family. “They really want everyone to leave class having a full understanding of the topic, and they always have an open-door policy,” he said.

During their senior year, Civil Engineering students work on a year-long senior project and gain an even deeper understanding of the engineering field. Alexandre felt this project prepared him for his professional career and provided real-world experience outside the classroom.

“The one-ton-one interaction with professors is unlike any other program,” Alexandre said. “They use their own experiences and explain classroom material so well. Every theory taught was always explained through real-world concepts and events.”

Alexandre would encourage current students not only to focus on the classes they take but also to enjoy them. “The small class sizes are great for learning, but I became friends with many of the students in my program because of that,” he said.