Brody O'Niones

Health Services Administration


Class Year: 2018

Brody O’Niones, MSHSA

As the senior director of operations and business Development for Transcendent Healthcare, Brody O’Niones tells students who are considering a graduate degree in health care administration to consider what they want to gain from a master’s degree then find the program that best aligns with their priorities. “For me, I chose UE because I wanted an exceptional on-campus experience taught by professionals with proven track records in their respective fields,” Brody explained. “Having completed my undergraduate degree at a large public institution, I quickly found myself taken by the deliberate and thoughtful nature of a smaller, more intimately structured program. I wanted the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with my instructors and peers so upon graduation, I could be confident that I had gained the knowledge and professional network necessary to be successful in today’s health care environment.”

Brody shares that going to UE has shaped him in so many ways. “First and foremost, the curriculum of UE’s MSHSA program is structured in a way that allows you to gain the knowledge necessary to be successful in the health care industry. In addition, the relationships you develop within the program are invaluable.” He describes the program at UE as having the academic prestige of a large research institution but with a student-faculty ratio allowing the development of meaningful relationships with professors and peers.

Brody advises current MSHSA students to find their passion and do whatever it takes to pursue it. “When you find your passion, you will find something that motivates, intrigues, and challenges you. Every day you will find yourself working harder than everyone around you and loving every minute of it. Contrary to the idea that loving what you do makes work effortless, the truth is finding your passion motivates you to work even harder.”