Crispin Ewen

Accounting and Marketing with a certificate in Global Business


Class Year: 2024

Hometown: Terre Haute, Indiana

Why did you choose to attend UE?

UE presented me with an abundance of opportunities for me to get involved and prepare myself for life after college.

How did visiting campus contribute to your college decision?

I visited UE a couple weeks before my senior year of high school began. When visiting UE, I noticed how welcoming the campus community is. I remembered how my Admission Counselor and the faculty members I met with cared to get to know me and tell me how I could get involved on and off campus. This contributed to my college decision because I was not just choosing a university to get an education, I also was looking for a campus community and a city I could be a part of.

What activities or organizations have you been involved with at UE and how have they impacted your college career?

While at UE, I have been a part of the Admission Ambassadors, Harlaxton Ambassadors, Schroeder School of Business Advisory Board/Ambassadors, and Student Government Association. These organizations have impacted my college career since I have been able to take leadership roles, listen to others, enact my ideas, and have others who support me.

How has your program shaped and prepared you for a future career?

The Schroeder Family School of Business Administration has prepared me to not be afraid of the numerous areas of business. The faculty and staff are always willing to help me when I get stuck on my coursework. When I just want to chat, they are there. Additionally, the Office for Career Success in the Schroeder School has helped me network, improve my résumé, and feel more confident.

What advice would you share with incoming students?

Get involved in whatever organizations or clubs you are passionate about. Get to know not only your fellow classmates and professors but also the rest of the UE community. I would also recommend studying abroad at Harlaxton and attending any on-campus event you can!