Eli James

Exercise and Sport Science


Class Year: 2021

Hometown: Boonville, Indiana

Why you chose UE?

I chose UE because a former coach Rickey Perkins saw my potential as a Division 1 swimmer for the Aces and that lead me to follow a path in the Exercise Science department. After a recruiting trip to the University and meeting the current team I knew that this is where I was going to belong for the next four years. Being a senior this year, I am still very happy that I made the decision that I made back when I was an eager senior with multiple roads in front of me.

What is your favorite thing about UE?

One of my favorite things about UE is the Greek life. Being a member of Lambda Chi Alpha has overly enhanced my college experience and wish that I could go through the entire rushing experience one more time. Even living so close to my hometown and being a part of one of the largest teams on campus I still felt that a hole was needed to be filled in my social life and Lambda Chi filled that gap for me. Another thing that made me pick UE over all was the campus community and its size. Coming from a small town and a graduation class of 200 I am accustomed to knowing everyone who is around me and that is the exact experience that I come to fall in love again with here on campus.

Any other helpful information about your major or any advice, remembering what it was like to go through the college search?

I have found that my major is one of the most cohesive and tight knit groups when it comes to helpfulness and accessibility. Amongst our major there is more of a team aspect and we all have a general understanding that we can call on each other for help whenever we need it, whether that is emailing your professor at 8pm for help on an assignment or even calling upon your peers to test you on some notecards. Being a swimmer and having other opportunities that were knocking on my door. The decision to attend UE became very simple after touring campus and meeting not only teammates but other students who attended the school.