Evan Book

Environmental Science and Applied Biology


Class Year: 2022

  • Biological Rangeland Technician, USDA-ARS Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center – Burns, Oregon

What impact did UE have on your education?

UE drove and empowered me to explore the wide range of opportunities my majors encompassed. Through the assistance of professors, faculty, and the community, I researched a wide range of topics and explored multiple career paths. These experiences helped show me the avenues I could follow to begin my career once graduated.

Originally, I was only pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. But after encouragement from my advisor, I added a second degree to broaden my education.

What advice do you have for current students?

I advise current students to take advantage of all the opportunities which come your way. It may be difficult, but gaining more experience in work, internships, and research will only help you make a more informed career choice down the road. Also, ask for advice from a wide range of people. There are many paths to success, so finding the one which suits you may be challenging. If you talk to your colleagues, classmates, and professionals in your field, you will have a better idea of what opportunities are available to you.

UE can provide a fulfilling experience on many levels. The UE community works hard to promote the best in their students academically, socially and culturally. Make sure to remember that you get out what you put in. Be involved, reach out, work with your professors, make connections, do your best to make the most of the opportunities you have!

Also…go to Harlaxton. Don't make excuses. Talk to your advisor early. Make a plan and save a bit of cash. It's well worth the experience! You'll make memories that you will keep forever!

How did your classes prepare you for your career?

My undergraduate classes, research, and internships all helped to prepare me for my current position and prime me for entrance into a graduate program. Courses such as Eco/Eco, Microbiology and Quantitative Analysis each helped sharpen my research design and problem-solving skills, which I use on a daily basis. Additionally, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Engineering helped give me perspective on the crossover between most branches of the natural sciences.

How did the community of UE shape you?

The small campus and class size help promote professor-student communication and additionally ensure educational success. The tight-knit community also promotes social cohesion. As you walk the halls of the University, it's easy to recognize and engage with most of the students you've met. From a research perspective, UE allowed me to participate in independent research at a level most undergrads never experienced.

Additionally, I experienced great leadership opportunities through extracurricular activities as a result of smaller club sizes.