Haley Woolf

Health Services Administration


Class Year: 2022

Hometown: Lees Summit, Missouri

Why did I choose UE?

I chose the University of Evansville because of the community atmosphere. When I came on a visit, it was easy to notice the “family feel” the university had. Everyone was waving to each other as they walked by like every student knew each other. The students and staff were very friendly from the second I walked onto campus. I was drawn to the great faculty to student ratio. I loved the idea of getting know my professor and being able to communicate easily with my classmates because of the small class sizes. I knew if I came to the University of Evansville, I would be getting a quality education, which was important for me and will be beneficial for my future.

What is my favorite thing about UE?

My favorite thing about the University of Evansville are the relationships I have been able to build. Since I play softball here at UE, I was almost immediately able to make friends with my teammates and those friendships have developed into a really close bond. Also, my relationships at UE go beyond the ones with my teammates. I have been able to develop not only relationships, but aslo friendships with my classmates and professors, which I believe is due to the ability to have small class sizes and the community atmosphere the campus has created. That’s not something you can get at all universities and that’s what makes UE special.

Helpful information and advice

Looking back at my college search, it was not easy. With difficulty, I was able to narrow it down to 2 schools, one of them being UE. Both schools were pretty similar, and both schools gave me the opportunity to play softball, which made it even harder. I never had the feeling that some people describe by saying, “right when I stepped on campus, I knew it was the school for me”. So to make my decision, I went with my gut. My advice would be to trust yourself and believe that whatever school you choose, that’s the path you’re supposed to take. Other advice I have for when you start school is to not be afraid to enter as an undeclared major. My freshman year I had no idea what I wanted to do. I bounced around from undeclared, to biology, to exercise science, and then finally landed at health service administration. Many staff members were helpful and willing to work with me until I found something I enjoyed. I worried about it at the time, but it did not set me back and I was able to find my interests.