Nicholas Nobitt

Athletic Training


Class Year: 2021

I chose the University of Evansville for a number of reasons. The first and main reason is due to the incredible faculty here at the university. It was because of my advisor that I chose my major, Athletic Training, and it has been an incredible experience that I would have never had if my advisor hadn’t taken an individual approach with each of their students. Another reason I chose UE was because of the incredible academic opportunities they have. In the AT program they allow freshman to learn hands on with the Division one athletes. This is a rare opportunity that I have found incredibly valuable. Finally, the small school atmosphere creates for a cooperative environment for all students. Because of this I have been able to work with others to start my own business. Together we were able to collaborate with others in the community to promote the air, soil, and water qualities and their effect on the Evansville population. Without the opportunities that UE provides, I would not have had all these once in a life time experiences.