Summer El-Khodary

Public Health


Class Year: 2020

I chose UE, because it felt natural. When I went on other campus tours, I felt disconnected from my tour guides. After the tour, they just left me to myself to find food and find my professor meetings. Along the way of my whole UE tour, people always took care of me. They took me to my professor meetings, the Café Court, and to get coffee. I knew then that the UE community cares about their students and took an effort to make them feel comfortable. My favorite thing about UE is the smallness of the campus. You get opportunities here in which you may not get at larger schools. You can be an executive member of a club as early as freshman year and do not have to be an upperclassman to make an impact on your campus.

Summer was recently a guest on local podcast Witness where she shared her story about “growing up Muslim in Evansville, her quest to give a voice to the marginalized, her spirit of service, bringing the human aspect to providing health care and local issues surrounding race, identity and access.” Listen to the episode of Witness!