Pride Camp

Pride Camp flag

Empowering queer/questioning youth and allies to discover their authentic selves and build a caring, supportive community of peers.

Spend a week living on campus at the University of Evansville for this first-of-its-kind summer camp! Build lifelong friends with incredible activities throughout the week while learning about social justice and activism. Hear powerful stories of LGBTQ+ history and heroes – and learn how to write your own story your way.

Knowledge is Power

Uncover the value and power in your identity and celebrate it at the end of the week in the inaugural Pride Camp showcase!

Sessions/activities include:

  • Telling your own story
  • Biology of sex and gender: What is it? What is it not?
  • Future of LGBTQ+ concerns in politics.
  • Exploration of LGBTQ+ topics in various fields of study.
  • A reflection room
  • Outdoor games and activities

Guest camp counselors and speakers include members of the Evansville community, Pastor Craig Duke, UE professors from creative writing, biology, political science, and more.