William Miller

William Miller, PhD


Assistant Professor of Health Sciences


Dr. William Miller is an Assistant Professor of Health Sciences with a strong background in exercise and neuromuscular physiology. Passionate about teaching and mentoring students, Dr. Miller is dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment that fosters critical thinking and intellectual curiosity.

Acknowledged as a leading expert in the field of exercise and neuromuscular physiology, Dr. Miller's expertise is well-respected within the academic community. His contributions include serving as a reviewer for multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals and presenting at regional and national conferences. With a proven track record, they have authored multiple research grant proposals, developed research budgets, and conducted thorough analysis of experimental data.

Dr. Miller's impressive research background includes authoring and co-authoring over 15 publications in peer-reviewed journals. His studies have focused on examining the acute neuromuscular and cardiovascular responses in both healthy and clinical populations, utilizing exercise as an intervention. Driven by a passion for collaboration and interdisciplinary research, Dr. Miller embraces the intersection of exercise and neuromuscular physiology to innovate and improve outcomes for individuals under clinical care.

Beyond his research and teaching, Dr. Miller is committed to mentoring students and guiding them towards success in their academic and professional pursuits. With his extensive expertise in exercise and neuromuscular physiology, he inspires students to develop a solid foundation in the subject matter and become future leaders in the field.


  • PhD in Health and Kinesiology • University of Mississippi • Oxford, MS
  • MS in Nutrition and Kinesiology • Southeast Missouri State University • Cape Girardeau, MO
  • BS in Exercise Science • University of Central Missouri • Warrensburg, MO