University of Evansville

University Libraries

Research, Study and Learning at UE Libraries.

Facts, Figures, and Mission

Information Resources

  • 274,123 Bound Volumes
  • 678 Print Journal Subscriptions
  • 14,000 Fulltext Electronic Journals (including JSTOR and Project Muse)
  • Online Resources
  • 472,469 Microform Units
  • 12,687 Audio/Visual Items
  • Wired and Wireless Internet Access

Automation Information

Access to the array of information resources of the Libraries is available through public computers located throughout the library and across the campus. This online catalog of resources is known as A.C.E. (Automated Catalog of Evansville). The online catalog is the most visible part of the Voyager integrated automated system utilized by the Libraries which provides a totally online environment including circulation, acquisitions, cataloging, and periodicals. Access to ACE is available over the World Wide Web.


The Clifford Memorial Library opened in 1957 providing 28,000 assignable square feet. The Bower-Suhrheinrich Library opened in 1986 providing 56,000 assignable square feet.

Statement of Mission

University Libraries is an academic support unit of the University of Evansville. It is composed of the Library, the University Archives, and the Music Listening Library.

University Libraries assumes a prominent collaborative role in the pursuit of academic excellence at the University of Evansville. Its contribution to this pursuit is reflected not only in the provision of information resources and services which underwrite the University's instructional programs, research endeavors, and community service, but also in its participation in the academic planning process and a commitment to serve in a leadership role among its peers.

The primary mission of University Libraries is to assure access to the body of recorded knowledge and information required to support the instructional programs for the University, to afford interpretation of and instruction in the effective utilization of information sources, and to provide the physical resources required for access and use. Support of faculty research endeavors and the information needs of the public at large which are peripheral to the curriculum assume a subsidiary position within the Libraries' mission. This statement of mission correlates with the University's mission and goals in which the advancement of learning and scholarship within the liberal arts and sciences is the principal theme.