Students have the opportunity to participate in numerous national, regional, and local competitions to further develop their skills as engineering professionals.

Association of Computing Machinery Mid-Central Regional Programming Contest

This prestigious competition is considered the national championship for collegiate computer programmers. The University of Evansville began participating in 1992 and typically places a team in the top four at the local site and the top 35 percent in the region. In 2011, the UE team placed second out of 14 locally and 55th out of 141 in the region. In 1998, the University ranked fourth in the region out of 88. Some of the schools in this competition include: University of Illinois, University of Chicago, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Vanderbilt University, Washington University, Valparaiso University, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

IEEE SouthEastCon Hardware Competition

IEEE holds an annual conference, SouthEastCon, in the southeast region of the country. The hardware contest involves an autonomous robot that competes with robots from other universities with the objective of promoting good engineering practices and robust systems. The robot should be able to adapt to its environment and understand the context of a given task at hand. Additionally, a robot should be able to compensate for dynamic or non-ideal settings.

The University of Evansville has been competing since 1985. UE students typically place in the top 10. In 2006, students won first place in a field of 40.

High Altitude Balloon Contest

This contest is sponsored by UE and has been held on this campus for the last two years. As a sponsor, University students do not compete. Each team of contestants builds a payload to fit size and weight limitations. The payload will collect data types of temperature, pressure, humidity, G-force, and photographic data. Each team is required to fly a GPS receiver. Sensor data is collected using GPS altitude data, which determines the points each team is awarded. The team with the most points on return is declared the winner.

Autonomous Lawn Mower Competition

The Institute of Navigation is a nonprofit professional society which sponsors an annual robotics lawn mower competition in Dayton, Ohio each summer. Each team designs and builds an autonomous lawn mower which mows an L-shaped field of grass complete with a fence, a flower garden, and remote controlled dog. The competition is held annually in Dayton, Ohio. The University of Evansville has been competing since 2007. In 2007, UE won third place and in 2008 placed second.

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