Cooperative Education

The co-op program provides each student with valuable experience. Students who participate in the EECS co-op plan learn and earn at the same time. They alternate semesters of full-time classroom study with full-time work experience in a professional environment. In all cases, they are compensated for their work. In five years, a co-op student will have worked four semesters and studied for eight while earning a degree. About 25 percent of EECS students participate in the co-op program.

The co-op program also gives the student a chance to gain some experience before entering the work force. Likewise, employers get the chance to look at a student as a prospective employee without making a commitment to long-term employment. Co-op students are normally offered a higher salary upon graduation compared to non-co-op students. In many cases the co-op employer and student enter into a long-term employment opportunity upon graduation.

Co-op students in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science have a wide range of employers to choose from. Employers are located in the immediate Evansville area, in the surrounding region of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, and throughout the country. The companies listed below have employed electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science co-op students in the past.

  • Alcoa
  • Boeing
  • Delco Corporation
  • General Electric
  • Intel Corporation
  • NWSC Crane
  • Vectren Energy Delivery
  • Whirlpool Corporation
  • Wright-Patterson AFB

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