Major and Minor Requirements

Major Requirements

Requirements - 120 hours

Enduring Foundations General Education - 41 hours

For additional departmental general education requirements, please consult the department.

Major - 36 hours (27 hours in major language above the 200 level, 6 hours in additional foreign language, and completion of the senior capstone FLC 401)

French/German/Spanish 211, 212, 15 hours at the 300 level (required gateway course for upper level courses in the major: French 311, German 311 or 312 , Spanish 312), 12 hours at the 400 level (French 415 and French/German/Spanish 438 may be repeated with content change), FLC 420 may apply to the 400-level requirement.

All French, German, and Spanish majors must pass a literature course in the target language at the University of Evansville before taking FLC 401. Spanish majors must also take a linguistics class at UE before graduating.

All French, German, and Spanish majors must complete FLC 401 including the senior portfolio. FLC 401 does not count toward the required 12 hours of 400 level French, German, and Spanish courses, since it is taught in English.

Electives - 40 hours

At least six semester hours of course work must be taken in the target language in an approved study abroad program. It is highly recommended that the student complete more than the six-hour minimum.

All French, German, and Spanish majors must complete the ACE Pathway offered by Career Services. Majors are encouraged to sign up for this pathway in their first semester as a major.

Minor Requirements

French, German, or Spanish Minor - 18 hours

Foreign language and culture minors are required to take 18 hours at the 200-level and above in the target language. French/German/Spanish minors take 211, 212, and 12 hours at the 300-400 level. FRE 311 is a prerequisite for all French upper level courses. GERM 311 or 312 is a prerequisite for all upper level German courses. SPA 312 is a prerequisite for all upper level Spanish courses. French, German, and Spanish minors who take FLC 401 as their capstone course must present their senior thesis in the target language as part of FLC 401.

Classical Languages Minor - 18 hours

In the classical languages minor, students gain facility in both classical languages - Greek and Latin. Students choose an area of primary competence in one classical language (Greek or Latin) and an area of secondary competence in the other classical language (or the other classical language). Classical language minors develop a mastery of the classical languages, powers of critical analysis, an appreciation of literature, and an understanding of the documents and traditions which constitute the foundation of Western civilization. Primary competence: four courses in either Greek or Latin numbered 200 or above. Secondary competence: two courses numbered 200 or above in the other classical language OR the course numbered 211 in the other classical language.