Foreign Languages

Most UE foreign languages majors pursue a second degree or a minor and graduate in four years.

Placement Tests

Placement Tests

French, German, Latin, Russian, or Spanish

General Information

In order to ensure that each student in UE's foreign languages department receives appropriate mentoring and the personal attention they will need to grow their linguistic skills, those taking French, German, Latin, Russian, or Spanish must take the online WebCAPE Placement Exam.

Expectations for taking theWebCAPE Placement Exam include:

  • Completing the placement examination to the best of their ability, without the use of textbooks, dictionaries, or any other type of assistance. As a UE student you are expected to abide by the university's Honor Code: "I understand that any work which I submit for course credit will imply that I have adhered to this Academic Honor Code: I will neither give nor receive unauthorized aid, nor will I tolerate an environment which condones the use of unauthorized aid."
  • The foreign languages department will review the results of the placement examination in conjunction with other information, such as number of years that the language was studied, study abroad experience, other language background, etc. The department reserves the right to change the student's placement in a course if it believes that the student has not been placed in the most appropriate course.
  • Students who believe they have not been placed at the appropriate level should contact the foreign languages department.
  • Students may not take the WebCAPE placement examination in a given language more than once unless the Department Chair asks them to retake it.
  • Students should print a copy of their placement score for their records. Once they receive their score, there is no need to contact the foreign languages department unless they have questions regarding their placement.

Test Instructions

Students can access the link to the placement exam directly below, but first read the following information.

  • After logging onto the Placement Exam, you will be asked to answer questions regarding your identity, language background, and academic experience.
  • Once this information is entered, the next page explains the format of the exam: you are to respond to multiple choice questions by typing and confirming the letter of the correct answer. The exam may take up to 20 minutes to complete, depending upon your level. A sample test item is provided. After this screen the actual test begins. As you proceed through the test, the computer selects and displays items based upon your responses to previous items.
  • At the conclusion of the test, the computer displays your performance level. Please consult the placement chart that lists the ranges of performance levels for the different language courses. PLEASE PRINT A COPY OF THE SCREEN SHOWING YOUR SCORE FOR YOUR RECORDS.
  • Your placement exam score will be sent directly to the foreign languages department.
  • If your exam session is interrupted, you must log in again and enter your information EXACTLY as you did when you started the exam and then click Resume. Do NOT choose Take the Test without entering this information: your results will not be recorded.
  • To log onto the Placement Exam webpage, you must enter the password. Please use the password included in your SOAR/STAR Important Testing and Assessment Information flyer (ex. ACESxxxx).
  • You must next login using your First Name, Last Name, ID number (you must use your entire seven-digit UE Student ID number (ex. 03xxxxx), and UE e-mail address.
  • You are now ready to take the Placement Exam: Go to Placement Exam.

If further assistance is required, please contact the foreign languages department at 812-488-2165 or by e-mail at