Placement and Proficiency Tests

General Information

In order to ensure that each student in UE's Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures receives appropriate mentoring and the personal attention they will need to grow their linguistic skills. Those taking French, German, Spanish, and Latin must take the online WebCAPE Placement Exam during SOAR.

  • Students who have taken French, Spanish, German, or Latin in High School must take a language placement test.
  • Students who have received a 4 or a 5 on a French, Spanish, and German AP test will place into French, Spanish, or German 311.
  • Placement scores will only count one year. After this time, students must ask the permission of the Department Chair to retake the placement test.
  • Students who believe they have not been placed at the appropriate level should contact the foreign languages department.
  • Students may not take the WebCAPE placement examination in a given language more than once unless a year has elapsed before they enroll into the language class into which they placed.

Proficiency tests

Students who do not wish to continue their study of foreign languages and cultures at UE and whose placement exam scores indicate that they can place out of their foreign language requirement MUST take a Proficiency Test during Welcome Week. The charge for this Proficiency Test will be $50. Students who do not pass the proficiency test, must enroll in and pass the appropriate level foreign language course in order to finish their foreign language requirement.

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