Marketing Staff

The Office of Marketing and Communications is available to assist you with your marketing projects. Although a list of staff with associated responsibilities is provided, your first step is to submit an online marketing request form.

Front of Olmsted Hall

Mrs. Holly Smith

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Special Events and Guest Services

Contact for assistance with reserving rooms and planning on-campus events.

Emily Wilderman, Assistant to the Vice-President of Enrollment / Marketing and Special Events Coordinator

Mrs. Emily Wilderman

Assistant to the Vice-President of Enrollment / Marketing and Special Events Coordinator
Olmsted Hall, Room 217

Office of Content Delivery

Contact for assistance with website, emails, digital media, advertisements and media placement, video development, and AceNotes. For updates to existing web pages, please email

Christopher Kohler, Web Development Coordinator

Mr. Christopher Kohler

Web Development Coordinator
Sampson Hall

Michael Dawson, Senior Web Application Developer

Mr. Michael Dawson

Senior Web Application Developer
Olmsted Hall, Room 228

Office of Content Design

Contact for assistance with graphic design for brochures, fliers, posters, etc.; print materials including letterhead, envelopes, and business cards; and photography.

Susan Heathcott, Director of Content Design

Mrs. Susan Heathcott

Director of Content Design
Sampson Hall, Room 110

Leland Dierks, Content Design Artist

Mr. Leland Dierks

Content Design Artist
Sampson Hall, Room 110

Theresa Hoffherr, Publications Assistant

Mrs. Theresa Hoffherr

Publications Assistant
Sampson Hall, Room 110

Office of Content Development

Contact for assistance with news releases, media relations, UE Magazine, social media, copywriting, and copyediting.

Andrew Carter, Marketing Quality and Content Coordinator

Mr. Andrew Carter

Marketing Quality and Content Coordinator
Sampson Hall

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Room 217, Olmsted Administration Hall