Student Publications

The Office of Student Publications is home to the University's student magazine and yearbook.

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Crescent Magazine Office

LinC and
Crescent Magazine

Student Publications is located on the second floor of the Ridgway University Center.

Student Publications is home to the University's student magazine, Crescent Magazine, and the yearbook, LinC.

LinC is the University┬╣s award-winning, student-directed yearbook. It is distributed annually each fall and full-time students receive a free copy of the yearbook as part of their student activity fee.

Crescent Magazine is the monthly student-directed magazine, published six times during the academic year (beginning in September). It is distributed to 18 locations on campus, with the first copy free to each student.

The LinC and Crescent Magazine are academic credit activities. While prior experience is necessary for some positions, any student, regardless of year in school or academic major, is invited to apply for a position. Positions are assumed for the academic year.