Fire: Evacuation Procedures, Assembly Points, and Policies

The University takes a number of precautions to prevent fire in our residential facilities.

Evacuation Procedures

Upon hearing a fire alarm or observing smoke or fire, the following procedures must be observed by each resident:

  • Check your door before opening it. If your door or doorknob is hot, do not open your door. Call 6911 to inform the dispatcher of your situation. Go to the window to yell for help. Hang an article of clothing out the window to gain attention.
  • If your doorknob is not hot, open your door cautiously, exit the room. Close your room door, and leave it unlocked. Leave your belongings.
  • If there is smoke, stay low to the floor and use a wet cloth over your face. Stay low to the floor where there is more oxygen.
  • Proceed to the nearest exit quickly without running. Always uses stairs instead of an elevator.
  • Clear the building by at least 50 feet and assemble in your posted assembly location.

Discovering a Fire - Actions to Take

If you discover a fire, pull the fire alarm and warn other residents by knocking on doors and shouting as you leave the building. Notify the resident assistant, head resident or residential coordinator if possible.

Attempt to extinguish the fire only if it is very small and you know how to do it safely. If the extinguisher does not put out the fire within a minute, leave immediately.

Call campus security at ext. 6911 (if off-campus, call 471-6911) from a safe location, and provide them with as much information as possible.

Assembly Points

When a fire alarm is sounded, students should report to the following areas for further instructions. (It is important that all students are accounted for.)

Residence Halls

Residence Halls assembly points
Hall Primary Assembly Point Adverse Weather Assembly Point
Brentano Neu Chapel Lawn Ridgway Center
Hale Ridgway Terrace Ridgway Center
Hughes Ridgway Terrace Ridgway Center
Moore Neu Chapel Lawn Ridgway Center
Morton Neu Chapel Lawn Ridgway Center
Powell Initial Location: Powell Lawn
Secondary Location: Ridgway Terrace
Ridgway Center
Schroeder Sidewalk by 5/3 Bank Basketball Practice Facility Ridgway Center

Apartment Complexes and Houses

Apartment complexes and houses assembly points
Village Space Primary Assembly Point Adverse Weather Assembly Point
Jones Hall H-Lot Ridgway Center
Fraternity Complex Fraternity Parking Lot (by basketball court) Ridgway Center
Hazeart Apt. Methodist Church Lot Ridgway Center
Lincoln Park Apt. Panhellenic Lot Ridgway Center
Ramona Apt Methodist Church Lot Ridgway Center
University Apt. Panhellenic Lot Ridgway Center
Weinbach Apt. Fraternity Parking Lot(Weinbach Apartments) Ridgway Center
Houses Evacuate 60 -100 feet from the building Ridgway Center
Frederick Commons Townhouses Q-Lot Ridgway Center
Walnut Commons Townhouses P-Lot Ridgway Center

Fire Policies

Fire Drills

The University takes a number of precautions to prevent fire in our residential facilities.

Fire drills are held each semester. Participation in all fire drills is mandatory.

Fire Equipment

Fire extinguishers are placed on each floor. Regular inspections are made by fire safety personnel. The use of electrical appliances is regulated.

Fire Policies

Starting even small fires, using fireworks, burning candles or incense, pulling “pranks” involving fire, turning in a false alarm or tampering with any fire safety equipment poses severe safety hazards to all residents in a building.

Anyone caught tampering with the fire safety equipment or violating these regulations will be subject to civil prosecution and University disciplinary action, including possible dismissal from the University.

For more information, see information provided in the Student Handbook.

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