Recycling Volunteers

Volunteer and Work Study Opportunities

  • Work Study Positions:
    Three work study positions available per semester.
  • Volunteer Positions:
    There are always positions open to volunteer!

Activities and responsibilities

  • Should have an enthusiasm about the environment and helping campus recycling efforts!
  • Preferably able to work a minimum of 2 hour blocks
  • Must possess a valid driver's license and have current automobile insurance
  • Must be able to safely drive a cargo van on and off campus
  • Must be able to lift 35 lbs. and move such loads down flights of stairs

This person will...

  • Pick up recycling from academic buildings, administrative buildings, student apartments, and residence halls with the aid of the cargo van
  • Sort items for temporary storage in a designated garage on campus
  • Deliver recycling to a local recycle company located approximately 20 minutes from the campus
  • Be punctual and dependable
  • Be receptive to direction and prioritization as necessary


The personal satisfaction that your participation in UE Recycling has resulted in a real contribution by keeping valuable reusable resources from being sent to the landfill.


Check out the Recycling Volunteer or Work Study Flyer and for more information contact:

Amber Elkins
Manager/Risk and Environmental Management

Log Your Volunteer Hours Online

All students can officially log volunteer hours online through UEngage. You'll need the date, number of hours, site name, and contact information to verify your hours. You can also request an official report of your volunteer hours if you ever need to provide proof of your volunteer history.

For more information on this system, contact Karyssa Vasquez at

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