Housekeeping and Pest Control

Living in any multi-unit dwelling creates the potential for problems with pests, mold, mildew, and other issues within your residence. Fortunately, the University of Evansville offers several services to help students handle these problems should they develop.

Of course, the best way to deal with these problems is to avoid them altogether. That's why the Office of Residence Life offers tips for pest prevention, as well as tips for reducing mold and mildew.

If a problem already has developed, though, please take the following steps:

Mold and Mildew

Please notify the Physical Plant at once by placing a work order through Web Advisor, or by calling (812) 488-2775. Treatment will be provided as needed, so please be specific regarding the location and type of problem.

Pest Control Problems

If a pest problem develops in your residence, please immediately notify the Physical Plant by placing a work order through Web Advisor, or by calling (812) 488-2775. Please be specific regarding the type of pests seen, and the location where you saw them.

Prior to treatment, please follow the guidelines below to prepare for your Pest Control Treatment (Bold = Required):

1. Kitchen

  • Make sure that all food items are either in sealed plastic bags or sealed in the refrigerator
  • Remove all items from counter tops and place into sealed containers or sealed plastic bags
  • Remove all items from inside cabinets and place into sealed plastic bags or a sealed container
  • Remove all silverware, dishes, pots, or pans and place into sealed plastic bags or a sealed container
  • Clean cabinets and countertops prior to treatment

2. Floors

  • Make sure that there is one foot of clear space around the entire perimeter of the room or apartment, so that the baseboards can be treated
  • Vacuum and/or clean all floors prior to treatment
  • Remove all items stored under beds.

3. Bathrooms

  • Remove all personal items (especially hygiene items) from the sink top and vanity cabinet; place in sealed container or sealed plastic bag.

4. Clothing

  • Remove all items stored on floor of closet (dirty laundry, etc.)

After a Pest Control Visit

Once the material applied has dried, it is safe to come into contact with treated areas. DO NOT replace any items until all surfaces are completely dry.

• Kitchen

  • Wipe down, using a mild soap and sponge or dishtowel, the counter top, stovetop, tabletop, and refrigerator. The sponge or dishtowel used to wipe down these areas should be disposed of or thoroughly laundered after use
  • DO NOT wipe out the cabinets or silverware drawer. Clean shelf paper should be placed or replaced in cabinets containing glasses, bowls, plates, etc.

• Bathroom

  • Wipe down vanity/sink top