Rentals or Purchases

From in-room equipment like MicroFridges or linen purchases and guest rooms for visiting friends, learn how you can take advantage of everything the UE Office of Residence Life has for rental or purchase.

MicroFridge Rentals

In order to save space in your room, the Resident Students Association has made special arrangements to offer MicroFridges for rental in our residence halls.  View Brochure   Watch a video about the benefits of renting a MicroFridge

Guaranteed delivery to your room before Move-In if ordered by August 1!

MicroFridge Academic Year Rental - $179.99

The MicroFridge, a refrigerator, separate freezer and microwave, is designed for on-campus living. The space-saving unit offers a .75 cubic foot zero-degree freezer that keeps ice and foods frozen and a roomy 2.13 cubic foot refrigerator controlled by an adjustable thermostat. The 700 watt microwave on the MicroFridge has both defrost and cook settings.

Rental Microfridge

FreezerFridge Academic Year Rental - $159.99

The FreezerFridge, a refrigerator and separate freezer, is designed for on-campus living like the MicroFridge but does not include a microwave. All other dimensions and details are identical to the MicroFridge.

Rental Freezer

Microwave Academic Year Rental - $74.99

The 700 watt microwave features electronic touchpad controls pre-programmed recipes, express and defrost cook settings with an adjustable beeper volume.

Rental microwave

New Hall Loft Rental (Set-up and Take down) - $80

All lofts in New Hall are assembled and disassembled by the same people who provide MicroFridges for our campus. They will come before school starts to assemble your loft in New Hall for you.

The total fee for assembly and disassembly is $80, taxes included. There is a $20 discount for a combo of loft and MicroFridge for New Hall orders. This hassle-free service Is provided exclusively for New Hall Residents.

Hall Lofts

Order Your Rental Item Today

Order by August 1 for in-room delivery. Pre-ordered Rentals will be delivered to rooms before move-in day. Late orders for fridges may be delivered after the start classes.

Spring Collection Information

Please prepare your MicroFridge before you vacate your room. Campus Fridges will be picking up MicroFridges on May 11th after finals are completed. Unplug, Defrost, Clean and Dry your refrigerator. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a $30 cleaning fee. Please make sure to notify Campus Fridges of any room changes since the beginning of the year. The replacement cost for unreturned refrigerators is $549.00.

If you have questions about MicroFridge, mini-fridge, or microwave rentals, visit

RSA Care Package Program

Example Care Packages

Support your son or daughter throughout the year while supporting residential leadership programs too!

Go ahead - Place an Order for a care package - Make their day!

RSA Linen Program

RSA Linen

Beds in the University of Evansville's residence halls are all Twin XL; as such, we want to ensure that students arrive on campus with the right size sheets to fit their new bed.

Resident Student Association has partnered with Dormify to help incoming students order all of their campus living needs. Dormify provides students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure that you have sheets that will fit any of the mattresses in our residence. The company also provides other campus living needs that you may need, including comforters, matching towels, and storage items.

Proceeds from any purchase from this program goes to RSA and is used to support UE students via programming in the residence halls. Place an order and have it delivered to your home during the summer.