Campus Telephone Services

Room telephones are not provided in residential housing. However a limited number of IP room telephones are available for check-out from the Office of Technology Services on a first-come first-serve basis. Phones required for special needs will be made available at any time. If interested, stop by OTS with a student ID to check one out and sign a form. You will be assigned a phone and phone number at that time. You will be responsible for returning the phone at the end of the school year or when you check out of campus housing. The phone assigned to you requires a calling card for long distance calls. This IP telephone service does not extend to the Villages, fraternity housing, or campus apartments.

For information on the use of IP telephones, please visit the OTS website.

Hallway Phones. Located on every floor is a hallway phone for emergency service and local calls. Dial 9+812+local number to complete a local call. Long distance calls can be made with the use of calling cards. To make a long distance call, dial 9 and follow the instructions for your calling card.