Andrey Biryuchinskiy

Economics and Finance

Andrey Biryuchinskiy ’16 was actively involved with ChangeLabs throughout his college career. In his video, Andrey talks about the significance of ChangeLab projects and how they not only enhanced his undergraduate experience but also prepared him for his graduate studies and provided a competitive edge in his career search.


Class Year: 2016

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Minors: Mathematics and Cognitive Science
ChangeLab Projects: Berry Plastics, AO Smith

"There was no syllabus with weekly instructions, no hints in the back of the book, no tests or quizzes. There was just a problem and a deadline - like in any real life situation. However, it was precisely the uncertainty that made my Changelab experience so real and so transformational. With each project, I became knowledgeable in a new industry, but more importantly, I became a sharper thinker, an adroit problem-solver, and a more agile team player. The Changelab program showed me how to fearlessly approach any type of project and effectively use the available resources to complete it. This experience has already helped me impress admission counselors of the top graduate schools and managers of the largest banks and consulting companies. Although my undergraduate studies are now complete, the problem-solving framework and the soft skills that I have developed through these hands-on projects will most certainly serve me for the rest of my life."