Ayah Alhandali

Civil Engineering


Class Year: 2019

Ayah AlHandali graduated from the University of Evansville in 2019 with a degree in civil engineering. She is currently employed as a staff engineer at RQAW in Fishers, Indiana. Ayah believes that UE’s engineering program stands out because of engagement between students and professors.

“Professors were always there to help, even outside office hours.” The program helped her to become a well-rounded person and learn to balance her work and social life. Ayah says that being put under real-life pressure in the classroom is what helped her the most as she entered into her career. She also believes that the curriculum provided at UE is applicable and helpful in the real-world situations sees in her current job.

When asked what advice she would give to current students, Ayah responded, “The struggle you are facing right now is going to shape who you will be in the future, and one day you will look back and understand that everything is happening for a reason.”