Emily Bonenberger

Bachelor’s and Master’s in Public Health


Class Year: 2025

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana

Why did you choose to attend UE?

I chose UE because I knew I would thrive in a smaller university setting and I was admitted into the direct-entry Physician Assistant (PA) program. 

Did you visit campus before choosing UE?

I did an official campus tour, but I have also been to the University for camps throughout my life. I remember it being the smallest out of all the universities I visited, but I felt like my experience was very personalized because I met a department advisor with my family.  

What activities or organizations have you been involved with at UE? How have these impacted your college career?  

I am an Orientation Leader and a member of Greek Life! Both organizations have pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot about myself and my goals. I am also a member of various organizations relating to my major and future profession. All of these organizations at UE have guided me to become a better leader and member of campus! 

How has your program shaped and prepared you for a future career? 

UE offers a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in Public Health, so being able to earn both before I start the PA program is amazing! Public Health also has a lot of hands-on experiences in classes, and we visit different organizations in the Evansville community. 

How has UE been affordable for you? How did scholarship opportunities/financial aid influence your decision to attend UE? 

UE has offered me a lot of scholarships and financial aid, which solidified my decision that it was the best choice for me!  

Why do you recommend UE?

The closeness of this community. You are highly likely to see someone you know anytime you are on campus, and having the opportunity to recognize someone anytime you are here is very comforting. Also, the class sizes are small, where you can talk to your professors and get to know your classmates.