Izzy Stapp



Class Year: 2025

Hometown: Clarksville, TN

Why did you choose to attend UE?

I chose UE because when I toured the University, the genuine love between the faculty and students was so apparent to me. The Nursing program gave me the opportunity to start clinical as a sophomore with a small class and fantastic professors. Aside from Nursing, UE had so many clubs and opportunities available to students that I was able to be a part of throughout my time as a student.

What activities or organizations have you been involved with at UE? How have these impacted your college career?

On campus, I am the Vice President of Membership Integrity for Alpha Omicron Pi, the President of Actively Moving Forward, the President of Habitat for Humanity Club, and an Orientation Leader! These opportunities have taught me organization and leadership skills that I will use for the rest of my life and career. I have learned how to effectively communicate with my peers and superiors, which has been pivotal to my success in my hospital internships. Through these organizations, I have developed friendships and connections with people that have shaped my college experience drastically.

How has your program shaped and prepared you for a future career?

The Nursing program has provided me with all the technical and soft skills that I need to succeed in my field long term. Our program focuses not only on supporting people physically but also emotionally and spiritually, which I truly believe will impact my future patients on so many positive levels. This program has taught me how to treat my patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve even when in acute care settings. I have also been able to experience so many different avenues of nursing which has given me the confidence to start working in a long-term care facility and a local hospital.

Why do you recommend UE? What advice would you share with incoming students?

I would recommend UE to any student because every professor you have will know your name. The faculty here truly care about each and every one of their students’ successes. Not to mention that there are over 100 student organizations that you can get involved with to make the most out of your college experience. My advice would be to get involved! Sign up for a bunch of clubs your freshman year and then take on a leadership role in an organization that you are passionate about! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and grow while you are here.