Jordon Lachowecki

Environmental Science


Class Year: 2022

  • Anesthesiologist, Community Anesthesia Associates – Indianapolis, IN

The well rounded and challenging courses prepared me more than I perhaps would have expected for medical school. The quality of education at UE is quite high when I compared myself to other medical school classmates. While Environmental Science may be an unusual path to medical school, I believe it prepared me well.

I participated in summer research opportunities at UE that had a focus on reading journals and writing articles. The research and the focus on statistics in a variety of the classes certainly has helped me parse through medical journals which heavily rely on statistics.

The smaller class sizes and easy access to faculty certainly made a difference in my education, but I don't think I realized it fully until after graduating and moving on to medical school. The ability to pop in and run something by the faculty on short (if any) notice is not something every place can accommodate.