Neal Quick



“After spending 10 years in the Air Force, I was on my way to a medical retirement due to injuries that made me unable to deploy. The reality quickly set in that I had not completed a degree and I knew I had to commit to myself and not let anything get in the way. My last duty station was near St. Louis which had plenty of schools in the area. I also considered moving back to Florida and going to school there, but it wasn’t home and I had been away from my family long enough.

Growing up in Newburgh, I always viewed UE as the school you go to if you want a phenomenal education that will set you up for a great career. During my campus visit, I knew without a doubt that UE is where I needed to be. The admission staff, my student guide as well as faculty I met were incredibly welcoming and I was reminded of what I missed the most about being home, the people. I am grateful for my choice and opportunity to attend UE and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”