Van Par

Criminal Justice, Pre-Law


Class Year: 2025

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Why did you choose to attend UE?  

I chose UE because of the small-knit community. I really appreciate being able to know who my professors are and talking to them outside of class as well. UE brings me so many opportunities when it comes to getting involved on campus. The community is important to me, and I am so grateful for the people here to help me open up and better myself.  

Did you visit campus before attending UE? 

I did visit some campuses prior to coming to UE and the other campuses felt very crowded. I just felt overwhelmed with how many people were there, and the atmosphere was not something that I liked. When I stepped foot on the UE campus, I felt calmer because of how close everything was and I loved how the buildings looked. I love how much more at home I felt compared to other schools.  

How has your program shaped and prepared you for a future career?  

My program has prepared me for what is to be expected for my future career. For instance, my classes are taught by experienced professors who have taken the exams that I need to pass for my future career. It has given me a foundation to further my education. Furthermore, it has helped me with developing practical skills such as investigative techniques, evidence analysis, communication, and conflict resolution. These skills directly transfer to many careers within the criminal justice system. 

How has the first-generation Ace Scholars group helped/impacted your UE experience? 

The Ace Scholars group has helped me with my understanding of college and how the process works. During my freshman year, I was very overwhelmed with my schoolwork but knowing that I had a mentor in Ace Scholars helped. As I got more involved with the club, I felt more comfortable with taking exams and studying. It really helped me to know how to prepare my résumé and what I can look forward to in my college career. I got so much better at prioritizing my studies and balancing my social life.