TASL Scholars Program - How to Apply

Admission to the University of Evansville's TASL Scholars Program is a dual process. To apply for the TASL Scholarship, students must first be admitted to the University of Evansville through the general admission process.

Use the same log-in information you used to apply to UE.

  1. Submit the University of Evansville undergraduate admission application and high school transcript to the University of Evansville Office of Admission no later than January 1, 2024. All majors are eligible to apply for the test-optional route for the fall semester aside from the direct entry programs and the Baccalaureate to Doctor of Medicine (B/MD) program. Please contact the Office of Admission if you have questions about the test-optional application.
  2. Submit the separate TASL Scholars Program Application no later than January 15, 2024. Use the same log-in information you used to apply to UE. The application includes a space for you to upload a document with responses to the five writing prompts, résumé or list of involvement and activities, and the name and email address of someone you would like to have complete a recommendation form. All aspects of the application are required to be uploaded at the time of submission. The application cannot be saved, so it is recommended to work offline on your essay questions in a Microsoft Word document and copy and paste them when ready.

After applications have been processed, the TASL Scholars Program Committee will invite selected applicants for an interview. After applicant interviews, the UE TASL Committee will determine qualified candidates for recommendation of acceptance into the UE TASL Scholars Program.

Selection Criteria

TASL Scholars candidates must be admitted to the University of Evansville before applying to the TASL Scholars Program. Candidates will do well to have a record of high academic achievement and evidence of substantive and actionable dedication to (1) creating an inclusive community across social similarities and differences, (2) sustainable leadership, (3) creative problem-solving and changemaking spirit, (4) vocational development, and (5) service to others. All candidates, regardless of social background, are encouraged to apply.