TASL Scholars Program Overview


A program aimed at enabling a group of outstanding students to become part of UE's incoming freshman class as a cohort of first-year students. The program is success-driven, with focus points on academic success, leadership development, changemaking, vocational development, community impact through service.


  • Scholarship: Awarded in coordination with other gift aid to equal the value of full-time tuition. Renewable all 4 years (equivalent to 8 full-time fall/spring semester) to attend the University of Evansville.
  • Cohort: A group of 8 to 10 scholars with dissimilar experiences and shared concerns, goals, and resolve that progress through the program together.
  • Support: Scholars have access to subject-specific tutors, mentors, supplemental instructors, the Academic Success Lab, the Writing Center, Office of Counseling Services, and Center for Career Development.

Eligibility Requirements and Selection Criteria Overview

  • Candidate profile: Candidates from any background entering the University as traditional first-time freshman will demonstrate a commitment to leadership, service, inclusion, vocation, and changemaking.
  • High school qualifications: Candidates for the TASL Scholarship meet or exceed the University of Evansville's admission standards.
  • Application: Candidates will complete an additional application specific to the TASL Scholarship Program. This application will become available after candidates have received a positive admission decision from the University. The application calls for the following and must be complete at the time of submission:
    • Appropriately thorough responses to five questions
    • A résumé or list of activities and involvement
    • The name and email address of someone you would like to have complete a recommendation form
    Applications will be reviewed by a panel of university officials. Candidates with successful applications will be invited for an interview.
  • Interview: Candidates for the TASL Scholarship will be invited to participate in an interview to assess the student's ability to be successful and contribute to the University of Evansville.

TASL Scholar Program Requirements

  • Pre-college virtual summer program: Includes cohort meetings, transition to college topics, and summer reading program.
  • First semester: Weekly cohort meetings with an advisor for credit through the Discussion 110: Student Success Strategies course
  • Second semester: All cohort members will enroll in the Transformative Action ChangeLab course. · Second year: All scholars must complete the ACEPathway Certificate through the Center for Career Development.
  • Third and fourth year: Upper-division scholars (third and fourth years) will provide peer mentorship for the lower-division scholars (first and second years).
  • Throughout all four years, scholars must engage in sponsored TASL programming, including study tables, inclusion circles, large group meetings, social events, and more.

To maintain eligibility, TASL Scholars must maintain the following:

  • GPA: Maintain a minimum UE cumulative GPA of 2.5. (reviewed each semester)
  • Full-time status: Maintain full-time student status (enrollment and completion of at least 12 credit hours per semester).
  • Progress reports: Provide periodic progress reports for all enrolled courses and updates on progress with developing as inclusive changemakers at the University of Evansville.
  • Housing: All first-, second-, and third-year Scholars are required to live on campus. The scholarship does not cover housing and meals.

Scholars must meet the following requirements before the spring semester of senior year:

  • Service requirement. Complete 10 community service hours per academic year.
  • Inclusion contribution. Actively develop, facilitate/participate, and evaluate four inclusive learning and living campus events per academic year.
  • ChangeLab. Complete 12 credit hours in ChangeLab courses prior to graduation. Please note: the CHNG 310 - Transformative Action ChangeLab contributes to the 12-credit hour requirement.

How to Apply TASL Scholars Program Application

If you have any questions, please contact Rob Shelby at rs262@evansville.edu or 812-488-5260.