TASL Scholars Program Timeline

November 1: TASL Scholars candidates who have applied and been admitted are welcome to apply for the TASL Scholars Program starting November 1.

January 15: Candidates must be admitted to the University AND have all the required TASL Scholars application materials submitted by January 15. Application materials include the essay and letter of recommendation from an adult of their choosing from their school.

January 15 – February 15: TASL Scholars applications are evaluated, candidates are identified for an interview, and interview invitations are established.

February 15 – March 1: Virtual interviews will take place between February 15 and March 1 for selected students.

March 1 – March 15: Selections decisions will be finalized, and students will be notified by March 15.

*Please note: The TASL Scholars Program employs a waitlist process. Candidates who do not receive an initial invitation to join the program may be invited as students make their decisions to accept or decline the offer.