The University of Evansville offers counseling services that are designed to help students with a variety of life issues as they make their way through the college experience. It is recognized that interpersonal, psychological, and developmental issues can interfere with learning and, ultimately, personal success. The University of Evansville provides a counseling program with nationally certified and licensed professional counselors to respond to the unique needs of university students in order for them to achieve maximum benefit from their UE experience. Additionally, consultation is made available to faculty, administration, and student groups.

Personal Counseling

Individual counseling is available for:

  • Various psychological issues,
  • Adjustments and transitions,
  • Stress/Positive coping strategies,
  • Relationship issues,
  • Substance abuse issues,
  • Depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, sexual assault/trauma, grief/loss, self-esteem, homesickness, anger management, and
  • Information about community resources.

Crisis Intervention

Emergency counseling services are available after hours by calling the Office of Safety and Security at 812-488-2051 and asking for the counselor on call.

Information Regarding Sexual Assault/Misconduct

Counseling Services personnel are available for support and guidance related to any student sexual assault/misconduct issues. The Dean of Students area of the University of Evansville’s website provides information on policies, procedures, and resources available related to sexual assault/misconduct.

Online Information and Resources

  • ULifeline: Online Resource for College Mental Health.
  • Half of Us: Mental Health Information for College Students.

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