The primary focus of Counseling Services is to provide general, short-term counseling that assists students in identifying barriers and setting goals while improving coping strategies to achieve personal and academic goals.

Our Services

Personal, individual counseling is available for acute needs such as*:

  • Mood and/or personal issues: anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief, self-esteem
  • Relationship issues: partners, roommates, teammates, classmates, family
  • Developmental issues: adjustment, transitions, identity concerns
  • Academic issues: motivation, test-taking concerns/anxiety, perfectionism
  • Other issues: trauma, assault, acute substance misuse
  • Career/future exploration

* This is not a comprehensive list.

Students may schedule in-person, virtual, or phone sessions at this time. Due to mental health licensure limitations, students must be in the state of Indiana at the time of their virtual or phone appointments. Students located in other states may meet with a counselor to discuss resources or consult about concerns but will not be able to participate in mental health counseling.


Some students require services that extend beyond the short-term, focused therapy that Counseling Services provides. If you have received services from a specialized team at home for long-term treatment, Counseling Services can refer you to a local, online referral source called Thriving Campus that provides a list of local, licensed professionals in the tri-state area. The website now also offers a search filter to include all registered telehealth providers in the state of Indiana in addition to those serving the Evansville area. Some of the issues that may require a referral to off-campus resources include:

  • Need or request to be seen for weekly counseling
  • Desire for uninterrupted long-term therapy
  • Prior history of hospitalizations
  • Prior history of long-term treatment
  • Chronic suicidal ideation
  • Excessive use of crisis intervention
  • Presence of eating disorders

Crisis Intervention

Urgent needs occurring during normal business hours can be directed to the Office of Counseling Services either by walk-in or by phone at 812-488-2663. Emergency counseling services for urgent or life-threatening situations are available after hours by calling the Office of Public Safety at 812-488-2051 and asking for the counselor on call.

Information Regarding Sexual Assault/Misconduct

Counseling Services personnel are available for support and guidance related to any student sexual assault/misconduct issues. Available information on policies, procedures, and resources related to sexual assault/misconduct can be found in the Dean of Students area of the University of Evansville’s website.