Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”Charlemagne/Karl der Große

Learn about our exchange program with University of Malaga.

Come develop your career readiness as defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Our programs emphasize all of the 8 competencies. Our courses and experiential opportunities will enhance your critical thinking, communication, work ethic (it requires perseverance and hard work to learn another language), global fluency (in terms of course content, experiential opportunities abroad and on campus), collaboration and teamwork, and leadership (in the classroom, in clubs, the foreign language honors society, community outreach and changeLab course proposals) skills. In addition, department faculty mentors work closely with all majors and minors to map out what courses and experiential learning meet their career goals and encourage their advisees to work with Career Services from their first year on for purposes of career management and professionalism.

We understand that you have four years and a plethora of options. Why choose to major or minor in a foreign language?

  • Cultivate global citizenship.
  • Develop language skills.
  • Gain intercultural and global competence.
  • Expand and foster critical, analytical, and communicative skills.
  • Attain cultural awareness, diverse perspectives, international experience, and an appreciation of different cultures.
  • Increase your knowledge of historical, political, cultural, and literary trends.
  • Benefit from active learning in class, abroad, and through domestic and international experiential learning opportunities.
  • Work closely with international faculty at UE to improve linguistic and critical thinking skills.
  • Explore different career pathways for foreign language majors through UE's Center for Career Development.
  • Garner multilingual and multicultural skills which will prepare you for both graduate school and real life, by giving you a competitive edge in a global market.
  • Develop 11 vital career skills through UE's nationally recognized study abroad program.
  • Work out your brain.
  • Score better on standardized tests.
  • Multi-task, focus, and prioritize more efficiently.
  • Increase your salary by ten to fifteen percent simply by knowing a foreign language.
  • Keep your brain young.

UE students have the option of studying several languages, including:

We offer basic through advanced language courses, culture courses, linguistic courses, TESL courses, literature, and Special Topic courses (on Lorca, on the Alps, on international film, on Diaspora, on animal representations etc.). Our Study Abroad programs not only offer you the chance to spend a semester or a summer immersed in French, Spanish, and/or German, but also the opportunity to learn another language of your choosing whether it be Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Norwegian, or Wolof, etc.

Degree/career options include:

  • a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish or Spanish with a Medical Spanish Concentration
  • a Bachelor of Science Spanish Education
  • Minors in French, German, and Spanish
  • Minor in Classical Studies

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