Study Abroad

While classroom learning provides students with the skills and knowledge they will need to master their linguistic studies, it is our belief that nothing can simulate the experience of immersion into a foreign language and culture.

That's why UE's Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures requires all majors to study abroad to enhance their linguistic and cross-cultural skills. In partnership with the Office of Study Abroad, we provide each student with outstanding resources to identify his or her ideal language program, taking into consideration factors including:

  • Country
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Housing
  • Academics
  • Language Level

We are proud to partner with a variety of other programs to offer opportunities around the world for either the summer term, fall or spring semester, or a year-long language study.

Exchange program with University of Málaga

The University of Evansville now has a student exchange agreement with the University of Málaga in Málaga, Spain. Each Spring semester, students will be able to attend the University of Málaga by paying only their regular tuition at the University of Evansville.

A few particulars:

  • UE students must have a B2 competence level of Spanish.
  • UE students should start the application process by May1 of the year prior to the year they plan to go abroad. This will allow them to select the courses that the student wants to take while abroad and determine how the credits will be transferred back to UE. 
  • The application process should be finished by October 1
  • UE students will take a maximum of 18 credits, with the option of taking an internship (6 credits) with the Department of Translation and Interpretation in the Department of English Studies at University of Málaga.
  • Students will finalize the registration process upon arrival at University of Málaga.
  • Students will pay tuition and fees to UE while paying room and board to University of Málaga. University of Málaga will help UE students find accommodations.
  • Students participating in this program shall be responsible for the cost of their travel to and from Málaga, Spain.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Lorena Andueza ( .