Medical Spanish at UE

If you are a student in nursing, public health, health services administration, exercise science, education, nutrition, biology, chemistry, the Physicians Assistant Program, or the pre-professional health sciences (such as medicine, optometry, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or clinical psychology) consider adding a medical Spanish minor or a Spanish major with a specialization in medical Spanish. The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures offers both programs.

The medical Spanish minor requires 18 credit hours, which includes the following specific courses: SPAN 211, 212, 312, 325, 350, and another 300 or 400 level Spanish course. The Spanish major with a specialization in medical Spanish requires SPAN 211, 212, 15 hours at the 300 level; 12 hours at the 400 level (SPAN 312, 321, 325, and 350 and a linguistics course must be taken at UE); 6 hours of study abroad (to include either SPAN 335 or SPAN 435); A Changemaker course coached by FLC faculty and related to the medical field can count as one of the electives of the Spanish major with medical specialization;
FLC 401 is required as Outcome 11 for all Spanish majors, regardless of second major; one of the following courses: COMM 410, EDUC 385, HSA 405, PH 190, PH 195, or SOC 337 Please note that FLC 420 (internship related to medical field) may be substituted by one of the aforementioned courses.

Both the medical Spanish minor and the major specialization cover medical sciences terminology and concepts, cultural content of Hispanics in the US and of Spanish speaking countries, as well as an introduction to interpreting. Consequently, students are better prepared for careers in medical fields in the US and abroad.