Foreign Languages

Most UE foreign languages majors pursue a second degree or a minor and graduate in four years.

After Graduation

Whether our students aim for graduate school or to immediately enter the workforce, the UE Foreign Languages Department ensures they are prepared to succeed after graduation.

For the past decade, our department boasts a 100 percent placement rate of alumni who apply to graduate schools; we're also proud to say that, in the same span, 100 percent of graduates who sought to teach secondary education have found jobs doing so, both in the United States and abroad. Outside of those two options, UE alumni also enjoy successful careers that include:

  • Criminal Justice,
  • The U.S. Embassy in Mexico,
  • Bilingual Translators,
  • The Peace Corps, and
  • Marketing, advertising, or sales.

With successful alumni working in all of these areas and more, our department prides itself on preparing our students to succeed at whatever area of linguistics they choose to pursue after graduation.