Why Study French?

« À vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire »

“To win without peril is to triumph without glory.” Corneille, Le Cid, Act. II, sc.2

«La vie ne vaut d’être vécue sans amour »

“Life is not worth living without love” Serge Gainsbourg-singer

There are many reasons to study French:

  • For travel

    France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and the first in Europe. French is not only useful in France, though. In fact, French is one of the most studied and spoken languages in the world. It is spoken on 5 continents (even Antarctica!). As a student of French, the world awaits you!

  • For global communication

    French was and is the language of many prominent scientists, artists, writers and politicians. French is also the second most commonly used language in the business world. It is likewise one of the official languages of the Olympics and of the United Nations. When you study French, you are one step closer to becoming a global citizen!

  • For your major

    Because France plays such a great role in the arts, sciences, and in the global economy, if your major is in political sciences, music, English, sciences, or the medical field, learning French could be a great asset for your future career.

  • For your future

    Learning French could open many doors, whether you want to go to graduate school, work for the Peace Corps, or simply be bilingual in any job you choose. Being bilingual on today’s job market can increase your chances of being hired and may even increase your salary.

  • For your language requirement

    You already speak French! Many English words or phrases are derived from French. For instance, when you go to a restaurant, you order an appetizer and an entrée, which may be a sandwich with prime beef, served au-jus. Sometimes you get déjà-vu, or perhaps you think that French language has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that you find intriguing. As a Romance language, French is also close to other languages like Spanish and Italian. Students who have studied these languages may choose French to complete their language requirement.

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